Cartier W&W Warm-up: Panth¨¨re au Clair de Lune de Cartier

“For many Asian watch fans, this famous fair cannot be missed, as here people can experience Cartier’s professional watch making skills, and exploring Cartier’s spirit of braveness, pursue, and appreciates brand’s value and home-made movement”, said Standisals de Quercize, the CEO of Cartier, speaking of the second W&W.

Panth¨¨re au Clair de Lune de Cartier
Cartier’s excellency in watch-making and jewelry, is the inspiration of the innovation and Panth¨¨re au Clair de Lune de Cartier expressed the great fusion of these two fields, and lead us to a charming jungle. Under the dark nights, a cheetah leans over a golden branch, and under the shadow of jewelry watches, the cheetah, made of gemstones, and black-painted, swings with the rhythm of time. Usually, the rotor that is hidden, will suddenly appears on the dial, which is design that breaks the traditional way, and builds a dazzling effects. It is a beautiful miniature, as well as a delicate work. This lady watch is the witness of traditional skills and professional techniques. Technicians, through a unique but poetic way, further perfects its skills, and innovations.

The case is made of 18k rose gold, and is set with 395 round-cut diamonds which measures 5.85 carat. I guess only a jewelry brand as well as a watch brand can be so luxurious. Although this is a lady watches, it reaches 42.75mm. What’s more, it has a round crown, and a multi-dimensional cut. The dial is made of whit gold, and the mirror is sapphire. In order to make it more effective, Cartier fits it with a 9603 MC automatic winding movement. This is a thin movement that reaches only 6.85mm, and 31 rubies are set to support the movement and serves as axils. There are 204 components within this small, tiny case. Finally, this movement can work for 42 hours.

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