Perfect Patek Philippe-Patek Philippe 5235 Perpetual Calendar

I am glad to have a Patek Philippe 5235 which failed to have its first debut on the 2012 Basel Watch Fair and reason for that is the dial. In its dial, it has a right engraving Patek Philippe logo. The dial itself is wire drawing and other small details. I could image that would be a rough work, but the final result was quite impressive. Patek Philippe looks quite modern.

Being one of the best replica watches uk, in addition to the standard display, this Patek Philippe watch also integrates the year calendar for displaying time. Patek Philippe is good at adding date aperture and makes it look quite clean. In the 5235 there are three square dials: week, month and date. Perpetual calendar, you may need to adjust this beautiful movement in the February. This basic movement-31-260-REG QA-was invented in 1970s, but was completely changed thoroughly. QA means quantieme.

What makes us more excited is that this is not a limited Patek Philippe watch. The first silicon Patek Philippe 5550P is fitted with a 240 Q movement, which is limited. Silinvar components will account for more proportion. Patek Philippe has proved that Silinvar components can be applied to the 240 and 260 movement. As the silicon is abrasive, and needs no lubrication, so there are no friction and is helpful in improving the lifespan of the components, accuracy and reliability. Turning around the 5235, you expects a Silinvar branded on the movement? No, actually, if you are not familiar with this kind of components, you will never observe those special components. 5235 Is not quite a big watch, but it is definitely a big Patek Philippe watch. in 2012, 5235 is made of white gold, and reaches 40.5mm in terms of its diameter. In the future, I expects that we have more choices on the Patek Philippe watches.

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