Replica of watches-Replica Piaget Dancer White Gold Ultra-Thin Watch

Simplicity is an high extract from techniques and skills. In designing a replica watch, what can embody the strength of a brand is the different ornamentation for different components, even the most exquisite materials, without proper attention or ornamentation, will lose its beauty, so the excellent skills will make the precious materials to set off its advantages to its best and become a perfect one. Today, what we are going to introduce is a Piaget Dancer Ultra-Thin Watch with official number: G0A31305.

When you look at the replica Piaget Dancer Ultra-Thin series, you will not feel other watches inferior. Instead, the details are processed carefully and luxury taste radiates through every little small detail. Piaget Dancer Ultra-Thin reaches 38 mm in terms of the diameter of the case. the ultra-thin bezel made of 18 k white gold has 12 little pits and a sapphire mirror on the case makes every behold before you.

The processing on the bracelet is extra careful. The outer space and inner space of the bracelet are processed differently with polishing and matt separately. The thin and long flakes contributes more difficulties to designers and technicians on processing those small components, which also reflects how they dedicate their efforts into it.

Ultra-thin symbols Piaget’s techniques, the watch reaches only 6.9 of the thickness. The right-angle design reflects Piaget’s thickness and also its confidence on the ultra-thin technology. The odd time indexes on the dial also gives us a dimensional feel.

Through the sapphire mirror case of the replica Piaget Dancer Ultra-Thin Watch, a working movement is present to you. Piaget Dancer White Gold Ultra-Thin is fitted with a 430p automatic movement which consists of 131 components but only reaches 2.1 mm of its thickness. It also oscillates at a frequency of 21600 times per hour and provide 43 hours of power reserve.

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