When Santa sent us a gift, my three-year-old daughter wanted an animal ones for men. The only ones we could find with that description was the pink “ugly Santa” for girls. We tried that one out too. Ugly Santa for girls was not even close to being as cool as the Real Santa Slippers for men. (That’s a story for another time)

So I searched the Internet… and found the perfect gift: Ugly Santa Gifts for Men. They had two styles – the Ugly Santa for men and the Real Santa for women. In each of the styles, you can see the Ugly Santa for Men logo on the front (the real Santa has big white boots). And in the Women’s version, there is a pink boot with an Ugly Santa logo.

So now, instead of wearing those ugly Santa gifts, adults can wear the Real Santa Slippers. They are just as cute, and they come in a variety of styles. There are also paw prints Halloween onesies for men, and I like the pink princess onesies for my little girl and Halloween costume accessories, and the black princess onesies for my teen, which she absolutely loves.

Now here is the best part about these adult unisex animal pajamas for men. Not only are they super comfortable and practical (they double as great sleeping bags too), but now Santa himself will be able to try them on when he visits your home this Halloween. Imagine the look on your friend’s face when they open up that adorable pair of pajamas and see the face of Santa Claus standing right in their living room! Santa will definitely love getting dressed up for Halloween and being able to check out some of your guest’s houses this year!

The Adult onesie for men with a fun t-shirt is available in three colors: pumpkin orange, pumpkin black, and white. It comes with a flocked black and white reversible t-shirt and a black stocking hat with a white face, and it is washable in the washing machine. The Adult pajamas with the Halloween t-shirt come in a special Halloween themed one-piece suit with a removable robe (the one piece suits do not have bodysuits, just shirts). It also includes a flocked and washable black and white reversible t-shirt, and it has a fun black fluffy bear accessory.

For the women, the Animal Ugly Santa Claus Adult Toy Pajamas includes a sexy t-shirt with a flocked top that is washable in the machine, a cute plush jumpsuit (yep, the thing that Santa wears), and a matching cardigan sweater. This Adult toy has a detachable robe and the Adult toy Santa Claus is dressed in a medium size black and white plaid fabric. Both the adults and kids version of the animal ones for men came with a flocked black and white reversible t-shirt and the women’s version has a detachable robe. This flocked and washable fabric used on the adult version of the animal ones for men makes it great for playing dress up games with the family or having guests over for an evening of pretend dressing. And the plush jumpsuit and cardigan sweater make a terrific option for the cold winter nights and for entertaining in the afternoons when you may not want to wear a formal evening sweater..