Are you familiar with Arya?

Are you familiar with Arya?

Arya Stark is one of the main POV characters in the epic fantasy books “Song of Fire and Ice” by American writer George R.R. Martin.

Arya is the second-daughter of Ed Stark and Duke of Winterfell The Boys Costume She was 12 years old at the end of the fifth round. She is energetic and lively, typical tomboy. She’s not a big fan of needlework, but loves the sword. Her father described her as being “Wolfblood”. When compared with other blue-haired, red-haired siblings Arya’s eyes are gray. closer to her father’s eyes and are rated like a younger Aunt, Lyanna Stark Fantastic Beasts Costume

Since childhood, she’s been an adventurous, active young girl who likes to fight and explore. Arya often refers to her sister as an “goof” despite the fact that she has a decent sibling, Sansa. Sansa was afraid that she might teach her how to use the sword to ride in this competition. However, Jon Snow supported her with this idea. Arya’s experiences showed that she was a resourceful, intelligent as well as courageous and confident when faced with difficult situations.

Arya is strong and flexible. Arya, unlike her siblings, has the usual Stark family traits like long, gray-eyed blonde face. Arya was often misinterpreted as an adult and was thought of as a character with a general appearance at the beginning. The mother of her daughter Catelyn Tully stated on occasion that Arya could be very beautiful when she was dressed in a dress. Duke compares her to her aunt Lyanna Stark.

Arya is left handed and is fast and agile. She studied Braavos’s ” Water Dancer ” swordsmanship and also knew how to use a dagger. Harvard, the son who was in charge of the Winterfell’s Horse House was the only one could safely ride. She has the ability that all aristocratic kids should have, as well as a strong talented in managing, and math is at least as good as Valeria. She can also speak Bravus, but with an odd accent. Under the direction of a kind person, she took some time studying Bravus, a language she was not familiar with. She is quick-minded with a keen mind and is practical. She is a Skinchanger (Warg) who can be able to control and enter the body of her Direwolf Nymeria when she dreams, as well as the body of a cat walking the streets of Braavos.

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