Are you familiar with the name Nebula?

Are you aware of Nebula’s name?

American Marvel Comics’ Nebula is an antihero. She is an interstellar pirate, an mercenary. There isn’t much known about her life and personal life. She was a part of with the fight of the Guardians of the Galaxy against Thanos Star Wars Costumes For Sale

Nebula is an interstellar pirate, who once destroyed the planet of the Nova Corps – Sandal Star.

Nebula is a powerful and strong gal who can lift between 800 and 25 tons of weighty objects. Her muscle tissue is stronger than the human body, giving her an edge over common humans. She’s also skilled in the field of military strategy, leadership, space warfare navigation, and astronomy. She is also a highly skilled soldier and has mastered numerous fighting strategies. While the famous Nebula is the adoptive daughter of Thanos, the Nebula was not created solely to remove the endless gloves of Thanos, but also trapped Thanos Hawkeye Cosplay

She is Thanos’s nominal foster child and a Luphomoid in The Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). She also was the subject of an claim of Ronan who gathered infinite gems in order to destroy Xandar. In the end, she fought Gamora and was defeated. Gamora tried to save Nebula but Nebula refused to help and cut her hand.

In the film of 2017 “The Guardians of the Galaxy 2” The Guardians recovered tribe Nebula that was arrested by the Supreme for attempting to take their batteries. Rocket Raccoon, Groot, as well as others were the culprits behind Nebula’s arrest after the spacecraft crashed into another planet.

She was released and helped Yondu, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot to get them arrested. Nebula convinced the predators to let them go because they offered a bounty, and Nebula was seeking a 10 percent cut. The Gamora was a child at the time , and was subjected to torture and was forced to be rescued by one of the prey vessels.

She reached Ego’s planet, attempted to take out Gamora but was defeated by Gamora in the battle.

Her desire to kill Gamora was reduced, and after that, they found an underground cave containing the decayed skeletons of children of Ego The two parties formed an unstable alliance.

She joined the battle against Ego and Guardians to defend the universe from Ego’s invasion plan. She saved Gamora and they both reconnected after the event. Gamora suggested that she stay with the Guardians. However, Nebula decided to go solo to kill Thanos.

In the film of 2018’s “The Avengers 3: Infinite Wars”, Nebula attempted to assassinate Thanos but was unsuccessful. She was sent to the spaceship, where she was tortured. Gamora tells Thanos the location of the diamonds in order to save Nebula.

Later, Nebula successfully escaped and was able to inform the Guardians of the Galaxy to travel to Titan to meet her, but they were all defeated by the Titan. When Thanos struck her finger, Nebula survived and attempted to comfort the sad Iron Man.

The 2019 movie “The Avengers 4 The Final Battle” is a story of Iron Man and her struggle to survive on the road to Earth. Captain Marvel saved them. Captain Marvel saved the group by capturing her and making her appear like herself in the 2014 timeline. She was on a quest to find infinite gems and then committed suicide. In the following year, she joined the Avengers to fight Thanos and was a part of Iron Man’s funeral.

Cosplay of Nebula

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