Black Bullet Cosplay Guide

Black Bullet Cosplay Guide

2020 was the year when humans fell in the fight against the parasite “intestinal animals”. The parasite was repelled by fear, despair and theft.

In such a dark universe of darkness, there is one of the teens living in the Tokyo area -Rentaro Satom, a member of the “individual police” who is an expert on the antigenic gut animal and is involved in crisis management. His partner is Enju an adorable girl Womens Cosplay Costumes

The government issued a specific order to two men who had unique ability to fight. It was private and was designed to keep Tokyo secure.

With the near future as the stage, the great action giants that tremble will become visible!

Do you have a favorite comic? Do you like the outfits they wear? Do you have a desire to cosplay with them? Let’s take a look at the characters.

Rentaro Satomi:

Rentaro is the protagonist, an incoming second-year student at Magata High School and also an officer in Tendo Civil Security. Ten years ago, Rentaro lost his parents in the battle against Gastrea. He was adopted by the Tendo Family, however, he separated from the family with Kisara Cosplay Sites Rentaro was unable to walk on his right leg. His right arm, and his left eye during a fight with Gastrea to protect Kisara. Doc’s New Human Creation Plan saved the life of Rentaro and replaced the missing limbs with Varanium. Because of his caring and sincere nature Rentaro is among the few people who sympathize with the cursed children. He’ll go to every possible length to help the children. This trait also leads many cursed children to be interested or obsessed with his character. At the start of the tale, he is a beginner in Tendo-style martial art.

Enju Aihara:

Enju is an uninvolved Child, and is Rentaro’s Model Rabbit Initiator in Tendo Civil Security. She is a resident of Rentaro and goes to primary school normally up until the fact that she was an uninvolved Child was made public when the incident involved Kagetane Hiruko and she was forced to transfer to a different school. Enju was skeptical at first, when she was introduced to Rentaro through the International Initiator Supervising Organization. But her trust has been restored and she’s now in a position to be able to communicate with Rentaro. She has also been able to develop romantic feelings for Rentaro, even though she’s only young. She loves the Tenchuu Girls anime.

Kisara Tendo:

Kisara is the chief of Tendo Civil Security. She is originally from the Tendo clan, she resigned from the family after a certain dispute with her former friend Rentaro. Kisara’s kidneys are barely functioning due to the trauma of witnessing her parents’ bodies being sucked up by Gastrea. Insisting that her parents were murdered by Gastrea, she has pledged to pay retribution and has been seeking out the perpetrators. She is a skilled Tendo fighter, however her health condition prohibits her from engaging in combat for long periods. Kisara is in love with Rentaro who has displayed the attraction to be mutual However, their efforts to express their feelings for one another is usually thwarted typically by Enju. But her insatiable desire to exact revenge on the Tendo clan is a source of anxiety for Rentaro who is worried that it may one day result in them splitting up.

Tina Sprou:

Tina is one of Ayn Rand’s mechanized troops and his Model Owl Iitiator. Tina was given instructions by Ayn to kill Seitenshi however she was deterred by Enju’s interference. Rentaro defeated her. Seitenshi was given the best treatment, but she was instructed to keep her under surveillance. After her release, Tendo Civil Security hired her. Later on, she joins a pair with Kisara and becomes enthralled with Rentaro exactly like Enju She fights for his attention.

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