Chaos Dragon Cosplay Guide

Chaos Dragon Cosplay Guide

The action takes place in Huanli (the year of Dazzling) 3015. Because of the constant conflict D’natia (or Koran) and two different countries are causing world’s destruction. Nil Kamui is an island nation that lost its independence amid the chaos. Red Dragon, the guardian god of Nil Kamui, gets out of control Star Wars Cosplay Costume

This was achieved through the formation of a unit known as the “mixed investigations team” and will continue to determine the fate and fate of the nation.

The fans love this adaptation of the game. Let’s review these roles together.


The character has short, white hair. The overall costume is predominantly red and white.

A kind boy who cares for the children at the orphanage of Neil Camsey, the island nation Black Widow Cosplay Costume

Neil Kamsay once ruled Neil Kamsay‚Äôs “Huang Dynasty”.

In this way to this point, he was the “child of the contract” through the agreement of Neil Kamui’s guardian dragon “Red Dragon”.

He was able kill the enemy but not at the cost of his friend’s soul.


A girl belonging to the revolutionary army of Neil Camsay’s independence.Responsible for the guard of Neil Kamyi’s royal family.

This is a cute girl wearing a black dress.

Contact races are connected to the monster in an exclusive way. It has a relationship with the massive canine-like monster Val who was injured by both eyes.

You can live the life of a beast before you meet with the Revolutionary Army.


It has its eyes destroyed and it is a gigantic bat-winged creature with a huge dog-like form.

Thanks to a unique connection, I can communicate with Eiha.

It allows Eiha to lie on his back and glide through the air. He can also be employed as a battle partner.

It utilizes a massive minion as a weapon that can kill the enemy.

Eiha inserted the flowers into the fabric that covered her eyes.

Swallow Cratsvalley:

He is the fallen aristocrat of the military state of Donatiya and is the newest knight of the “Black Dragon Knights” the most powerful army in the nation.

He was born with a “crushing” curse which meant that items he touched would be destroyed, and his imprisonment began from a young age.

It will be destroyed if it is used. Mashiro will lend his hand until the time that the food is consumed.

Mashiro Sagura:

A woman who serves as an obedient slave to Swallow.She wears long skirt.

Instead of destroying the things that are used, Swaallow, who is afflicted with the curse of “crushing” is using props in order to improve his life. However, if the man fails to swear that she has made, she will respond with the most savage of words.

She also serves as the Chabett Chamber of Business’s chief, and oversees the Cratsvalley property.

Lou Zhenhua:

Monks with arms associated with the religious organisation “Eight Claws”.

In order to possess the will, the sword which will consume the soul of the person it slayed “Qisha Tianling” is destroyed, and it is called the Highness of the Highness.

The identity of the assassin that buried every kind of target in the dark world isn’t known.

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