K Project cosplay costume Guide

K Project Cosplay Costume Guide

Yashiro Isana has lived the most ordinary, straightforward life. But, his life has changed drastically divergent since Tatara Totsuka’s death. Tatara is a prominent HOMRA member. In the pursuit of revenge The Red Clansmen (HOMRA) have set off to search for Yashiro and then kill his body Ww Diana Prince Costume

This is the start of the tale. The path leading to Yashiro’s destiny took a fast and unpredictable turn since.

Let’s take a look at the main characters.

Isana Yashiro:

He is a nice, gentle boy who has a relaxed personality. He’s wearing a college suit and tie.

HOMRA sought him out as suspected in Tatara Totsuka’s death Vikings Cosplay However, his real identity was the Silver and First Kings who had lost all of his memories. He set out to find the truth, with the help of Kuroh Yatogami (and Neko), in attempt to unravel the mystery. After restoring memory, he decided to stop the Colorless King and stop everything. The final decision was to use the body to destroy the colorless kings and also to request the kings of Red to execute Yashiro the Colorless King.

Suoh Mikoto:

He is speechless and violent because of his red hair. He’s usually asleep and sleeping in order not to cause any strength. The Blue King was the one who binds the protagonist at the beginning of the tale to limit his strength.

It is also a nemesis of the Blue King Reisi Mutakata. But, he is also split by his location.

It is the king that is closest to the Wizmann threshold. He was executed during the patriarchal ritual at close of the tale to prevent the sword of Damocles from falling.

Munakata Reisi:

The Blue King and Head, Special Task Force Unit Scepter 4; Fourth King. He is a calm and elegant gentleman who wears glasses. He likes puzzles, as well as other activities in his spare moments. He’s shown to be very worried about Mikoto’s safety , despite being enemies, and was immensely dissatisfied with the way Mikoto doesn’t appear to care about his life at all. Even though he’s strong and mighty as a King Kuroh was easily defeated, without being able to use his sword. But the extent of his power remains unknown. He is also not averse towards Strains or clans and even did his best to save Anna Kushina him. Neko refers to himself as the “Boss of the Glasses”.

Kushina Anna:

The smallest and the only female member of HOMRA The HOMRA’s youngest and only female member, she is a Strain who wears a the gothic lolita style. Anna is able to detect perception through her red crystals which she forms out of her own blood. Mikoto was her aunt when she lost her parents. HOMRA’s mascot , she’s very emotionally attached Mikoto. She was a huge fan of Tatara singing, and was also his most fervent fan. The colorblind Tatara is she is unable to see beyond the color red. She is the next Red King after Mikoto’s death.

Awashima Seri

Reisi is the second in command, and the sole woman member of Scepter 4. Reisi is wearing the classic Scepter 4 costume.

Izumo Kusanagi (HOMRA) is her bartender and client. She also earned his nickname “Heartless Woman.” Kusanagi and Munakata appeared to be disgusted by her love of the anko (red bean paste). Neko calls herself the “Boob Woman”. Yashiro has made her a the temporary clansman, so that she could communicate with her privately. Seri is extremely loyal to Munakata and is very concerned about his security.


Neko is a Strain with a heterochromia-colored eye. She wears a lot of adorable clothes.

She’s fun, playful and playful and eats similar to cat food. She appears to be able create illusions, change into invisibly forms, and even become invisible. But she actually is able to detect disturbance. Yashiro is a fierce friend and lover and she will go to all lengths to protect her. She refers to him as “Neko��s Shiro.” Then, it was discovered that she is able to alter the memories of people. Yashiro was misled into believing that at first it was just a normal high school pupil. Like Nagare she was a survivor of Kagutsu incident and had acquired new powers. She could alter her memories and adopt a new identity as an animal cat. In the final chapter, she becomes a student at Ashinaka High School.

Yata Misaki:

HOMRA’s vanguard. He is very skilled using a skateboard and also uses it as weapon. His nickname is Yatagarasu. He is extremely passionate and impatient. Fushimi taunts him often with his feminine-sounding name. He calls Fushimi under the name “Saru,” meaning “monkey”. He’s also very short and has difficulty speaking to girls. He as well as Fushimi were close to each other and joined HOMRA as a team, however, when Fushimi had a rift with them and joined Scepter 4, the two of them always get into fights when they get together. HOMRA is very important to Yata and he is a fan of Mikoto quite a bit. He later does his best to support Anna and makes peace with Fushimi.

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